Project Management Services

We help organizations execute their most important projects. Are you evaluating solutions, deploying a new technology, hiring a new vendor, putting together an RFP? Proton Consulting Group’s project management services will bring a sound, operationally tested approach to the management of your projects.

We get projects done

We help organizations execute their most important projects. We also assist companies manage, or better manage, their portfolios of projects.

You know the projects that your company needs to get done to progress and win. And, you also know that not getting these projects completed makes your organization vulnerable in the marketplace.

Very few companies fail because they don’t have good ideas. Most have good ideas. However, only those companies that transform those good ideas  into projects and ensure that those projects are executed timely succeed and grow.

Organizations that don’t execute, or don’t execute well, suffer the consequences. Those that execute earn the right to compete. But, organizations that execute the right projects, at the right time, in the most efficient way, win.

Whatever the projects

Are you deploying a new technology, replacing a software platform, hiring a new vendor, putting together an RFP? Where do you start?

How do the project type, scale, complexity, and duration affect your solution selection?

If you are thinking of hiring new project managers internally, will you have enough project management assignments to keep them busy going forward? And, will your other projects all require the same skill sets?

Whatever the reasons

Are your existing resources available to take on new initiatives or are they already over-extended? And, are your current employees qualified to ask the right questions, evaluate the answers, and recommend or select the vendors?

Is your existing team experienced at managing projects of scale, with internal and external resources, onshore and offshore? And, would this be the best way for these employees to contribute to your organization?

Outsourced project management will check all those boxes for you.

Project Management Outsourcing

ProtonCG brings a sound, operationally tested approach to project management.

We stay focused on the bigger picture while tracking every detail. We are objective, agnostic to internal politics, and relentlessly focused on the efficient completion of your projects.

Our project management services team leverages collaboration tools, keeps resources aligned, and stakeholders informed. Communication is on-going and rightsized. Your projects don’t take second place to newer priorities because they are our priority, until they are completed.

Generally, a Project Management enagement will include most or all the following steps:

  • Confirm support of senior management and clearly identify expectations,
  • Identify and meet internal stakeholders,
    • Discuss project status
    • Identify sensitive company information and plan protection
    • Confirm expectations
  • Agree on a standard project tool set and set up collaboration user accounts, including for:
    • Project management
    • Messaging
    • File sharing with permissions and version control
    • Video collaboration,
  • Roadmap the project,
  • Identify dependencies and constraints,
  • Assign the tasks and timelines,
  • Generate and provide progress reporting,
  • Deliver project deliverables.

Ready to get started? Contact Proton Consulting Group for a free consultation with a member of our Project Management Services team.

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