Data Analysis Services

Develop a customized strategy to collect, store, analyze and visualize your business data, leverage and integrate third-party data, or turn your existing data assets into powerful business information with Proton Consulting Group’s Data Solutions.​

The primacy of data

Few assets are as important to your company as your business data and the information it can generate. As data collection points increase and ways to analyze data improve, getting value out of your data set has become more important than ever.

Our digital era requires you to respond in real time and predict accurately. Your customers, your employees, and your investors expect your information to be correct. Meanwhile, your data is incomplete, fragmented, and sometimes scattered across multiple environments.

Data-savvy businesses take advantage of data analysis to better serve their customers and better compete in the marketplace. You need to gain control of your data environment and start driving actionable solutions. Optimizing and effectively leveraging your business data is a must.

Data Science combines data analysis, statistics, programming, and machine learning. It puts data to work and draws out insights often unknown and untapped.

Our data experts

ProtonCG’s Data Solutions experts have advanced degrees in fields ranging from computer science to statistics and applied mathematics or biology. They use state-of-the-art tools, programming languages, and technology to ensure that your company derives powerful and pertinent insights from your data.

Evaluate your current data

ProtonCG evaluates your existing data set – leveraging the wealth of untapped information already at your fingertips, suggests and implements new data sources – both internal and external, and develops or improves your current data analysis capability.

We provide comprehensive analysis and identify the highest value opportunities, including operational improvement, customer segmentation, predictive modeling, risk assessment, and much more.

We customize top-tier data transfer, analytics, and machine learning platforms to your environment. Where applicable, we custom develop full environments to allow you and your employees and customers better access information.

Build a data-driven infrastructure

ProtonCG’s data architects evaluate, design, and transition datasets to on-premise or cloud-enabled data-savvy  architectures and support efficient operations and growth at scale.

We custom design infrastructures on Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure, with native Unix or Windows systems. We leverage SQL and NoSQL-like data structures. We evaluate CRM cloud implementations.

We leverage existing API solutions or custom-build high-throughput REST APIs to facilitate your company’s access to third-party data. We transition static or minimally responsive portals to AI and analytics driven dynamic websites supported by robust architecture. 

Leverage machine learning

ProtonCG’s data scientists build superior machine learning solutions. We develop customized predictive and prescriptive models and conduct statistical analysis.We provide probabilistic solutions of likely scenarios for your complex business use cases. We even design experiments and implement A/B strategies to test various hypotheses or conduct outcomes analysis.

Leverage our know-how to deploy parametric analysis and test cost-benefit relationships before investing in projects.

Of course, we also deploy our machine learning models into production and seamlessly integrate with operations for expedited return on investment.

Integrate analytics

We approach the process of integrating analytics within your organization with a structured and disciplined approach. We develop new internal capabilities, so your company can identify and act on the insights they uncover and allow data to be factored into decision making.

We design highly interactive, model-driven custom visualizations. Our data scientists build publication-ready white papers, digital reports, and online interactive dashboards.

Developed analytics capabilities will improve your operational effectiveness, your decisions, and provide a competitive advantage. You will be able to test the results of your operational and customer-facing initiatives for optimal impact.

Rely on ProtonCG for all your corporate data analysis, data integration, data modeling, and business intelligence needs. We are well versed on everything data and its powerful impact on operational performance, customer satisfaction, credit risk, employee retention, and much more.

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