M&A Advisory Services

We leverage our partner network of Venture Capital firms and Family Offices to help businesses find the capital they need, whether through debt, equity, or Mergers and Acquisitions. We support investing companies to make better investment decisions by performing full or partial due diligence on target companies. We prepare post-transaction playbooks. By being part of the entire cycle, we are better prepared to assist. 

Debt, equity, or M&A...

Your business needs capital. You are considering equity or an M&A transaction. Perhaps even debt. Where do you start? 

We have experience with most aspects of business financing, including debt, equity, and M&As. We will work together to identify the best financing for your business based on your goals and leverage our network to provide you with best-in-class options. Throughout the process, you will have a trained partner by your side. 

We act as strategic advisors and insightful expert partners that you can trust.

Your firm is about to invest, but...

You identified synergies that you think might make an investment or acquisition attractive. Mergers and Acquisitions, executed well, are attractive growth opportunities for cash-rich companies, but material investments, including M&As, require serious due diligence and experienced transaction advisory to ensure success.

Proton Consulting Group helps client companies validate their investment thesis. 

Transaction advisory

We perform 360 assessments, including evaluations of management teams, customers, and suppliers, competitive positioning, revenue growth potential, operational efficiency, technology and data readiness, cost reduction opportunities, human capital, and cultural fits. 

We leverage macro and micro research. We check the scalability of the company’s assets. We review financial performance and trends. We even set up and manage data rooms and facilitate Q&A.

We support all or some stages of this process.

We provide transaction advisory services. We identify the core elements influencing the positive outcome of the transaction and ensure their success. We challenge assumptions. We identify the risks associated with the transaction and offer mitigation solutions.

We plan for the post-transaction integration.

We redesign organizational charts, identify possible economies of scale, and provide a recommendation to effect the savings.

We facilitate educated, precise go-no-go decisions.


We plan for the post-transaction integration early.

We define and execute value-accretive models. We help ensure that planned synergies are realized. We offer post-transaction playbooks.

Integrating people, processes, and technologies while companies continue to operate and grow becomes the full focus of our team. We manage integration projects.

We bring to bear our Business Consulting Services and Business Process Management expertise and our real-life experience as part of M&A transactions, both on investing and target sides.

Have any questions or are ready to get started, contact Proton Consulting Group today!

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