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We are trained and experienced business partners, M&A advisors, and troubleshooters. We function as trusted advisors, subject-matter experts, or an extension of your team.

We serve organizations and departments, executive leaders and managers, in any role where we can best add value to your organization, and we get things done.

Proton Consulting Group is an effective business consulting partner.

Our passion is to solve business problems

Solving business challenges is why come to work every day. Some professionals re-engineer corporations. Others advise on the purchase, sale, or financing of businesses. Some redesign processes. Or, recruit or develop resources. We get to do it all for our clients. 

Your company has already achieved success. Today, to develop further, it needs assistance from experienced problem solvers unfettered by current challenges or politics. That’s us.

We love change

Change is what will move your company, your department, your team from where it is today to where it must be tomorrow to lead the space.

We think outside the box

We don’t allow ourselves to be limited by the current state of a challenge, or a project, or the business. We challenge answers and challenge the answers to those challenges. Only by getting to the true underlying reason behind a process, can we provide a more efficient alternative solution. And, we do.

Our solutions are practical

We only provide opinions that can be deployed immediately, not ones that would require a change before the changes, not ones that look good on screen but are not practical. And, we know a thing or two about deployment logistics.

Always learning

How could we not? We deploy training solutions. But, also we learn everyday from each other, from our peers, from all our engagements, so our clients can benefit from it. So, your company can benefit.

Integrity is key

Integrity is core to all we do. To who we are. We are not for everyone and not everyone is for us, but, if we work together, we will be the partners that we would want to have.

We will provide our best opinion on all engagements and use best practices for all deployments.

We are committed to excellence

We help organizations achieve operational excellence. We help organizations that have achieved operational excellence to leverage it.

And, our engagements are successful only when you are satisfied, only when you are successful, only when your company’s performance has improved.

Nothing short of excellence.

Michael Marrache


Michael Marrache is the Principal of Proton Consulting Group.

Mr. Marrache is an expert in business strategy, business financing, and business process management. Michael has built and led high-performance global teams to all-time-high results and leveraged data and technology to deliver exceptional returns.

Michael has extensive experience leading Consulting, Fintech, and Technology ventures.

In his last appointment before starting ProtonCG, as the Chief Executive Officer of a Fintech company, Michael executed a corporate transformation, set the company’s vision and strategic direction, and oversaw a 2.5x growth in originations to an all-time company high.

Michael also built and led the senior leadership team, ran a successful private equity process, and secured a new warehouse lending partnership that provided an additional 40% in growth capital.

At the same time, Mr. Marrache led the data science team to deploy algorithmic credit scoring for transaction automation and real-time risk decisioning. These changes improved the speed of service, lowered defaults, and reduced operating expenses.

Previously, he served as Senior Vice President of Global Enterprise Solutions with a large international consulting firm, where he led a global team of professionals that designed, developed, marketed, and delivered Strategic Consulting and IT Outsourcing solutions to Fortune 100 accounts, including consulting, SaaS, software development, and training and content development solutions.

At ProtonCG, Michael leverages real-world winning experience and know-how to make our client companies win in their marketplaces.

You can reach Michael at michael@protoncg.com.

David Lin


David Lin is the Head of Credit Risk and Data Science at Proton Consulting Group. 

Mr. Lin is an expert in data analysis and solution design, including credit risk decisioning automation.

David has a successful track record deploying world-class solutions for consumer payments and small business lending companies in the USA, Europe and Asia.

In a recent appointment, as Global Head of Data Science with an international payment company, David led a team of 100 data specialists to design and deploy a new data infrastructure across multiple geographies, including restructuring datasets and integrating data sources.

David has designed and launched artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to streamline underwriting. He has leveraged data science to increase originations while maintaining superior credit performance of international payment and lending client companies.

Previously, David led Risk and core Data Science initiatives for several leading Fintech companies, led the creation of credit risk management functions, and launched innovative credit products.

In other roles, David participated or led underwriting, fraud, collections, and portfolio management initiatives for leading banks and credit card companies. Mr. Lin currently serves as an advisor to the boards of directors of FinTech companies, including one with a recent Unicorn valuation.

At ProtonCG, David leads data science consulting and credit risk automation initiatives. 

You can reach David at david@protoncg.com.

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