Consulting Services

Proton Consulting Group helps companies succeed in their most important initiatives. We advise management, secure financing, optimize operations, structure and analyze data, hire and train your employees, or execute your critical projects. We help you win inside and out.
Business Consulting Services

Business Consulting

ProtonCG serves organizations and departments, executive leaders and managers, in any role where we can best add value, whether as trusted advisors to C-Suite executives or as hands-on guides for front-line employees. We craft practical, custom-designed business solutions that are grounded in facts and we provide execution guidance and implementation support…

M&A Advisory

We leverage our partner network of Venture Capital firms and Family Offices to help businesses find the capital they need through debt, equity, or Mergers and Acquisitions. We support investing companies by performing full or partial due diligence on target companies.

Due Diligence Services
Business Process Management Services

Business Process Management

ProtonCG helps organizations fundamentally rethink how they do their work to dramatically improve operational performance, optimize all service functions, and become world-class competitors…

Project Management

We help organizations execute their most important projects. Are you evaluating solutions, deploying a new technology, hiring a new vendor, putting together an RFP? ProtonCG brings a sound, operationally tested approach to project management…

Project Management Services
Data Analysis Services

Data Analysis

ProtonCG helps companies develop a customized strategy to collect, store, analyze and visualize business data, or turn existing data assets into gold. We leverage data analysis, statistics, programming, machine learning, and more…

Training Solutions

We help organizations improve performance, accelerate change, and retain talent by providing the right team of experts and the right solution at the right time for your training needs…

Training Solutions
Recruiting and Staffing Services

Recruiting and Staffing

Outsource your recruiting to ProtonCG ’s executive search, recruiting, and staffing team and attract the best resources, at the right time, with minimum disruption for your organization…

Executive Coaching

Get coaching from ProtonCG and work with executives who have been where you are. We act as trusted and supportive advisors to C-level and high-potential executives. We offer ad hoc sessions and on-going programs, and all our work is confidential…

Executive Coaching Services

Remote and On Site

For convenience and safety, Proton Consulting Group now offers all its services remotely, as well as on site.

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